Posted by: Ann | June 29, 2021

June 28th, Stuart Island to Patos Island

Fifth Element anchored in Active Cove, Patos Island as viewed from the former dock landing

Our last night out this trip.

Monday, Extreme Heatwave continues

8:15 weighed anchor relatively early because the tide chart indicated we would have a favorable current- WRONG! Had 3 knots adverse current instead

We had an interesting journey through Johns Pass before anchoring around 11 AM in beautiful Active Cove. The cove is a tiny sliver between Patos and little Patos Islands, and we felt a little too close to the north side, so we moved the anchor over a bit; the concern being a -1.6 to -2’ negative tide, depending on which source you use.

I could spend all day watching the light change on the beautiful sandstone formations; WAIT, I DID!


8:30 Journey through Boundary Pass

8:45 Traveling via Johns Island and Johns Pass with intriguing view of TeePees and large Kayak installation onshore

Afternoon hike to Patos Island Light which apparently has a lot of local support for upkeep and improvements.

Startled some very shy harbor seals on the northwest tip of the island

I was thrilled to find wild tiger lilies growing along the path

Watching the tide reveal the rocks and beach, then cover them up again.

Quiet Canada goose flocks

Did I mention sensational sandstone formations?

Beautiful Sunset


Two baby crows squawked constantly to be fed the entire day. Those poor crow parents!

Too hot to do the full hike around the island. Save it for next time.

The two mooring buoys have been removed, but that seems a good thing as only experienced boats attempt anchoring. A loud group in an aging cabin cruiser (Jon’s description) attempted to anchor but did not stay.

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