Posted by: Ann | June 30, 2021

June 29th, Epilogue

Rocks lining Rolfe Cove, Matia Island

Tuesday, Sunny and still warm, return to Anacortes

We enjoyed a beautiful, peaceful (except for squawking crow family) morning before departing for Anacortes.

I sat out on the stern and watched the light on the rocks. I also observed how a Lady park ranger based on Sucia Island had to crank the outboard engines on her tender to get off the beach

Weighed anchor at 10am and took one more scenic trip, this time passing north of Sucia and gliding though the even tinier Rolfe cove on Matia island about 11:15am. All of this island except dock and a trail is off limits to protect wildlife. The cove is lined with rocks that look like marble loaf. There IS a park dock here, but it looked very shallow with one end on the bottom. Matia also has more seabirds like Pigeon Guillemot. I could see their bright red feet.

By noon we had crossed the Strait of Georgia and reached the northern tip of Lummi Island. 1pm we were passing between Eliza and the southern tip Lummi. By 2:30 we were safely back at Cap Sante marina in Anacortes.

The wind came up later this evening bringing much cooling relief to the area hit by this “thousand year event” of 100+ temps.

Welcome (back) to Cap Sante Marina

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