Posted by: Ann | June 29, 2021

June 27th, Roche Harbor to Stuart Island, Reid Harbor

Captain Jon did an excellent job of squeezing Fifth Element onto the main promenade at Roche Harbor

Sunday, Extreme Heatwave continues

We are a bit afraid to leave Roche Harbor where we can access power if needed for air conditioning, but we go for Stuart Island anyway.

9am Departed Roche Harbor; 9:50-We anchored just inside the mouth of Reid Harbor to stay out in the wind, but so many boats kept blasting past that we moved inshore a bit more. Fortunately, a good breeze kept blowing down the harbor to keep us reasonably comfortable.


Breakfast at Lime Kiln cafe

Our Lady of the Good Voyage Chapel bell chimes at 9am then plays some familiar tunes.

Our Lady of the Good Voyage has tennis racquets in the stained glass, but 2 courts now have been converted to pickelball

Walk along the Roche Harbor docks looking at all the different boats (already the sun is burning my legs)

Reid Harbor scenic with a good breeze to keep us cool

Afternoon watercolor painting

Nice sunset


Idiots blasting by at high speed causing wakes that rock the boat. I tried making a NO WAKE sign, but they either ignored it or couldn’t see it.

Some generator noise, sound and voices travel a long distance over the water.

My painting was so bad I washed it out under the sink

My reference image for Reid Harbor on Stuart Island

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