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June 29th, Epilogue

Rocks lining Rolfe Cove, Matia Island

Tuesday, Sunny and still warm, return to Anacortes

We enjoyed a beautiful, peaceful (except for squawking crow family) morning before departing for Anacortes.

I sat out on the stern and watched the light on the rocks. I also observed how a Lady park ranger based on Sucia Island had to crank the outboard engines on her tender to get off the beach

Weighed anchor at 10am and took one more scenic trip, this time passing north of Sucia and gliding though the even tinier Rolfe cove on Matia island about 11:15am. All of this island except dock and a trail is off limits to protect wildlife. The cove is lined with rocks that look like marble loaf. There IS a park dock here, but it looked very shallow with one end on the bottom. Matia also has more seabirds like Pigeon Guillemot. I could see their bright red feet.

By noon we had crossed the Strait of Georgia and reached the northern tip of Lummi Island. 1pm we were passing between Eliza and the southern tip Lummi. By 2:30 we were safely back at Cap Sante marina in Anacortes.

The wind came up later this evening bringing much cooling relief to the area hit by this “thousand year event” of 100+ temps.

Welcome (back) to Cap Sante Marina
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June 28th, Stuart Island to Patos Island

Fifth Element anchored in Active Cove, Patos Island as viewed from the former dock landing

Our last night out this trip.

Monday, Extreme Heatwave continues

8:15 weighed anchor relatively early because the tide chart indicated we would have a favorable current- WRONG! Had 3 knots adverse current instead

We had an interesting journey through Johns Pass before anchoring around 11 AM in beautiful Active Cove. The cove is a tiny sliver between Patos and little Patos Islands, and we felt a little too close to the north side, so we moved the anchor over a bit; the concern being a -1.6 to -2’ negative tide, depending on which source you use.

I could spend all day watching the light change on the beautiful sandstone formations; WAIT, I DID!


8:30 Journey through Boundary Pass

8:45 Traveling via Johns Island and Johns Pass with intriguing view of TeePees and large Kayak installation onshore

Afternoon hike to Patos Island Light which apparently has a lot of local support for upkeep and improvements.

Startled some very shy harbor seals on the northwest tip of the island

I was thrilled to find wild tiger lilies growing along the path

Watching the tide reveal the rocks and beach, then cover them up again.

Quiet Canada goose flocks

Did I mention sensational sandstone formations?

Beautiful Sunset


Two baby crows squawked constantly to be fed the entire day. Those poor crow parents!

Too hot to do the full hike around the island. Save it for next time.

The two mooring buoys have been removed, but that seems a good thing as only experienced boats attempt anchoring. A loud group in an aging cabin cruiser (Jon’s description) attempted to anchor but did not stay.

Captain Jon did an excellent job of squeezing Fifth Element onto the main promenade at Roche Harbor

Sunday, Extreme Heatwave continues

We are a bit afraid to leave Roche Harbor where we can access power if needed for air conditioning, but we go for Stuart Island anyway.

9am Departed Roche Harbor; 9:50-We anchored just inside the mouth of Reid Harbor to stay out in the wind, but so many boats kept blasting past that we moved inshore a bit more. Fortunately, a good breeze kept blowing down the harbor to keep us reasonably comfortable.


Breakfast at Lime Kiln cafe

Our Lady of the Good Voyage Chapel bell chimes at 9am then plays some familiar tunes.

Our Lady of the Good Voyage has tennis racquets in the stained glass, but 2 courts now have been converted to pickelball

Walk along the Roche Harbor docks looking at all the different boats (already the sun is burning my legs)

Reid Harbor scenic with a good breeze to keep us cool

Afternoon watercolor painting

Nice sunset


Idiots blasting by at high speed causing wakes that rock the boat. I tried making a NO WAKE sign, but they either ignored it or couldn’t see it.

Some generator noise, sound and voices travel a long distance over the water.

My painting was so bad I washed it out under the sink

My reference image for Reid Harbor on Stuart Island
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June 26th, Jones Island to Roche Harbor

Stella was very efficient- the staff here come right to your boat AND lug trash and recycling bins onto several locations along the very long dock structure

Saturday, Extreme Heat continues…

We left Jones Island early as Jon was anxious to again partake of the delicious breakfast served by the Roche Harbor Lime Kiln cafe. I really just wanted a donut. Jon really enjoyed the greeting from the harbor staff which all seem to be attractive young women. He was quickly on a first name basis with “Stella”

The huge breakfast of Classic Eggs Benedict and hash browns did have the benefit of not really needed to eat anything else the rest of the day. We walked it off with a hike to the mausoleum. Really an impressive tribute to the founding McMillan family.

Fortunately, most of that walk was shaded. The direct sun in excess of 90 degree F. made me dizzy. We grabbed an iced drink from the espresso bar and retreated to the air conditioning of our boat.


8:15 am departure mooring buoy, Jones Island; 9:15 arrival Roche Harbor, assigned a tiny space on the main promenade between H and I docks.

Lime Kiln cafe, known for great breakfasts and house-made cake donuts

10:30 hike to McMillan family Mausoleum

4pm bought 2 cards from exhibiting acrylic and watercolor artist Kristy Gjesme along the walkway. Kristy informed me she has a 2 month contract to exhibit there starting today.

4:30 early dinner at Madrona cafe- steamed clams with linguiça and Jon’s lamb burger

7pm Ice cream from the espresso bar

The formal garden with bright blue delphiniums taller than me

The Tollycraft Rally with their classic turquoise colored boats

The color guard lowering the flags ceremony at sunset, this time ending with the guard jumping into the water at the end. I was struck by the inclusion of the Canadian flag and anthem despite the absence of Canadians due to the pandemic.


None- this place is a true class act. Maybe the noise of loud parties on adjoining boats, but you can hardly blame people after what we’ve been through.

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June 25th, Deer Harbor to Jones Island

North anchorage, Jones Island

Friday, Sunny, Excessive Heat Warning, temps up to 110 in Seattle and Portland forecast through Monday 9 pm!

Today we intended to visit Roche Harbor, but the Jones Island mooring buoys were empty so we grabbed one of those instead.

We also are having extremely low tides -3 feet and beyond normal this week

10:05 weighed anchor, underway by 10:15. Took buoy at Jones Island at 10:49.


Float planes backed up to get into Deer Harbor, interesting to watch their take-offs and landings

Hiking the Northwest and Southwest Loops on Jones Island on a very beautiful trail through forest. We enjoyed a stronger scent of pine on this trail rated difficult, although I had little trouble other than a few narrow spots and rock stairs to step up and down.

Lovely North anchorage is lined with beautiful rocks and trees and a small beach.

Pier actually offers moorage and is a great place to land the dinghy


This spot is VERY popular with kayakers: LOTS of people arrived. We were never actually alone since tents from kayakers were already up when we arrived. The cove filled quickly and there soon were people partying on the dock, so we were glad to have taken a mooring buoy.

Catamaran Fifth Element showed up; they stole our name! (And laughed when I said they needed a multi pass)

Kadey-Krogen Puffin started running their generator around 8 pm until way after 11 pm. It may have started even earlier but their kids were screaming so loud we didn’t hear it then.

Fifth Element from the Northwest loop
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June 24th, Lopez Island to Deer Harbor

The Apothecary in Lopez Island Village

Thursday, Sunny and calm, 63 deg increasing to a pleasant 70 deg. We visited Lopez Island Village then continued on to Deer Harbor.


Fisherman’s Bay has an exciting narrow and shallow channel which looked especially scary on the -3.2 tide today.

Lopez Island Village is a lovely pastoral village with a surprisingly good grocery store.

Both Lopez Island and Deer Harbor have well-marked dinghy docks.

Deer Harbor was really busy today. Cafe on dock, gift shop, restaurant on head of the dock, Island Pie (pizza) in full operation.

Anchorage was calm enough for watercolor painting

Private Island in Deer Harbor, watercolor 5”x 7*


Former favorite restaurant has changed hands and is now only open Fri-Su. Looks like the new Mathew’s BBQ has brisket and ribs, tho’.

Almost too hot to walk around comfortably

Sailboat anchored next to us drifted so close we had to move to the other side of the harbor.

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More River Otter Pictures

Foggy when we left Port Townsend but visibility was ok

Misting, overcast

The wind howled through the marina last night and left the seas somewhat confused for our 3 hour crossing of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It wasn’t the worst crossing we’ve experienced, but it gave me a headache and I had to lie down for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, it was sunny by the time we reached Lopez Island.

The Narrow entrance to Fisherman’s Bay- keep green on the left when returning: “Red, Right, Returning”
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June 22nd, Port Townsend

Tuesday, Sunny, slightly cooler

A busy day with many chores to do

Met with mobile notary Joe Manzone who enjoys driving all over Washington for assignments. It looks like we have successfully sold our Northstar property. A little sad but the right thing to do now that we are more interested in cruising.

Hiked in Fort Worden with friend Barbara and her standard poodle

Groceries at QFC

I add to my Laundry Around the World series

Jon washes down and refills boat water

We eat delicious lemon dill beer battered salmon with crispy house spiced fries and share a slice of tart Mario berry pie at Silver water restaurant. It was a good thing we made a reservation as people were being turned away.

The otters even jumped up on our Fifth Element Swim step.
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June 21st-22nd, Port Ludlow to Port Townsend

Deer Can Swim

Monday, Sunny with chilly AM breeze, warming to record temperatures

We spend an incredibly warm and pleasant 2 nights in the very full Point Hudson marina. We visited friends, a few restaurants and also met with a mobile notary.

We spent a leisurely morning in the Port Ludlow cove waiting for a favorable tide in the Port Townsend canal. I was startled by a deer that actually swam through the cove while I was painting it.

Port Townsend is a popular destination and a mecca for wooden boats. The Wooden Boat Foundation was founded in 1978 after the first official Wooden Boat Festival and the Northwest Maritime Center later opened in 2009. This year the festival is the week after Labor Day. (In case you’re wondering, our American Tug is constructed of fiberglass)

Wooden boat at Point Hudson marina

PT is also a very attractive little town with lovely brick buildings and wide open spaces with views of the water. We found excellent espresso in Better Living Through Coffee.

It also happens that my BFF since kindergarten has lived her several years, so it was great to be able to visit with her for a few days.


Deer Can Swim

Northwest Man menswear sells Ray Troll art T-shirts. Jon’s favorite was The Perils of Nude Fly Fishing. I’ll leave the description to your imagination. I liked Return of the Sockeye.

Better Living Through Coffee makes a QUAD shot 16 oz latte or mocha. I had the Espresso Freeze and was wired the rest of the day

Elevated Ice Cream has unique flavors- Swiss Orange Chocolate Chip and Lavender White Chocolate Chip

An impromptu blue grass group was playing on the covered pier behind Elevated Ice Cream

Point Hudson has WIFI, a nice laundry, several restaurants on site and is just a short walk to downtown

My best friend lives here

The weather was stunning

Sirens Restaurant has grilled salmon burgers


River otters can take over the dock; not really a negative unless you have a small dog which they have been known to attack

BFFs since 1965- 56 years ?!!

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