This blog has turned out to be the best way to recall our sailing and now motoring voyages. I’ve kept numerous paper notebooks, but an electronic record can be searched in an instant, and I’ve found little recorded bits of useful info that way more than once.

I also write with the hope that this info will help other travelers to these areas figure out how to find useful places or services. It can be really confusing to approach a place by water, and it’s nice to know where things are or which places are best to avoid.

Jon Fitch and Ann Nunziata spend their land lubber days in Napa, CA

Our preferred modes on the water are “the other woman”, yacht Anomaly at 45′ cat-yawl designed by Jon Fitch, with Mark Ellis and built by Jim Betts Enterprises (Bett’s Boats), Anacortes, WA and Bruckmann Yachts, Mississauga, ON. with at least monthly interference/input from owner Jon Fitch.

Jon is also the designer, patent holder, and builder of the Anomaly Automatic Headboard.

Our latest “RV on the water” is a 34′ American tug, m/v Fifth Element, one of a series built in La Connor, WA, but purchased by us in Chattanooga Tennessee where it spent it’s first life as Proud Mary III on the TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority waterways, primarily lake Chickamauga


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