Posted by: Ann | October 16, 2018

Sunday, October 14th, Campbell River to Lund


Sunrise at Campbell River


We were up to Starbucks by 7am in order to leave by 7:30 to avoid an adverse current in Discovery Passage.  At 8;30 we saw a big tanker coming into Campbell River, seemingly escorted by 3 Humpback whales.  They came right by us as they avoided the tanker.


Humpback Whales pass us by

By 10:45 we passed by the Copeland islands where we saw a bald eagle watching over some very large pinnipeds- probably elephant seals.  Approaching Lund we were informed there was only a slot between 2 sailboats on A dock.  It looked like we could fit and Jon did an excellent job squeezing us in with only a yard to spare at bow and stern.

All settled in by 11:15, we made it in plenty of time for lunch and fresh cinnamon rolls at Nancys.  Then we used the WIFi to plan our trips home, which wasn’t easy given all the winter schedules.  Jon is going to have to take a float plane from Victoria because a three ferry schedule meant the Canadian ferries aren’t going to travel internationally exactly when he needs one.

We had a visit from two very fluffy black cats who were then chased back onto their sailboat by one of 4 dogs from another sailboat.  The dog owner said he doesn’t leave home without his “family” that also included a lovebird and a macaw.

I spent the afternoon on top of the pilothouse sketching local scenes.  It’s warm in the sun but cools off quickly in the shade.  We had dinner at the Boardwalk restaurant which is in the shade all day now, and it was chilly even in front of the gas fireplace.  The Octoberfest schnitzel was ok, but more expensive and not as tasty as Bistro Suisse in Sidney.

It was a beautiful long sunset.  We also saw this odd sea foam bubble that was trapped in a pool and circulated endlessly while building up into a large dome.


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