Posted by: Ann | October 16, 2018

Monday, October 15th, Lund to BackEddy Marina, Egmont


Shirt Sleeve weather


Tight Squeeze at Lund

We tried to visit the LUND recycling center but it’s closed today.  The hotel isn’t taking anymore garbage.B802516B-CAE6-4936-AFC5-CDE1010F1F9A

Jon got a cinnamon bun from Nancys but made our mochas back on Fifth Element.  The espresso at Nancy’s hasn’t been good this trip.

We departed LUND about 10am and had a gentle cruise down the mainland coastline and into the Jervis Inlet.  We arrived at the Back Eddy Marina just after 4pm

I’m disappointed the pub is closed M and T now, so we tried to find a way to see or hear the Monday Night Football, 49ers vs Green Bay Packers, but although Jon found Westwood One radio, there was too much interference to enjoy.  I was able to get the play-by-play written reports, and the 49ers did their typical lead-until-the -last series loss.


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