Posted by: Ann | October 12, 2018

Thursday, October 11th, Gorge Harbor to Octopus Islands

Bright Overcast -> sun -> overcast

We started at 10:30 out the Gorge through the Uganda passage past Shark Spit, and then through Sutil Channel, into Hoskyn channel to get through Beazley pass and Surge Narrows at slack around 12:30. I’m mentioning the exact route because at some point either before or at Gorge Harbor our GPS tracker died. We suspect leaving it on and or/in the sun pouring into the pilot house may have killed the battery for good.

Just outside the Gorge, I saw a really big bald eagle on one of the Guide Islands. Someday, I will convince Jon to anchor on the other side of Marina Island because that long narrow sliver of Shark Spit looks like great beach-combing.

We saw a few other boats timing the narrows, so it felt a bit crowded. We’ve rarely seen other boats in transit this entire trip. A large 60plus footer identified as the Outbound was anchored in Waiit Bay, otherwise we were the only other boat in the Octopus Islands.

We anchored in the NE corner around 1:30 and shortly after took the dinghy out looking for the Great Blue Heron I’d seen on a nearby tree. Never saw him, but Jon spotted 3 raccoons wading and eating shellfish on the bank. We finally saw two more bald eagles, but otherwise it was surprisingly devoid of visible wildlife.

Sunset at the Octopus Islands


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