Posted by: Ann | October 13, 2018

Friday, October 12th, Octopus Islands to Heriot Bay Inn


Our Octopus Islands anchorage

We had two choices to transit the narrows, 7:30 am or 1:30 pm, so we opted for the latter to spend a little more time at our Octopus Islands anchorage.  I was really glad we did because we were treated to a family of 4 river otters cavorting and fishing for their breakfast.  

I also positively ID’d a very dull duck as a Common Loon, winter plumage, thanks to my iOS Sibley app that has a great of side-by-side feature- comparison of field marks.  The rest of the morning I mostly gazed at my landscape subject trying to only see the major shapes.  It’s really difficult for me to turn the Left, logical brain off and let the Right Brain capture the scene.

We both tried many different combinations of holding one or all of the 4 buttons down no the tracker, but no luck reviving it.  We even tried putting it in front of a heater and also in the fridge.  Jon later read that we are to hold down a key combination for 60 SECONDS (!) and it might revive, so maybe more on that later.  We are currently enjoying an afternoon coffee in Java Bay next the the True Value grocery behind the Heriot Bay Inn.

I was anxious to get off the boat because the wind had picked up as forecast and was really gusting when we docked at the Inn.  We had a tough tying off with the wind crushing Fifth Element against the outside finger pier and were afraid the dinghy would swamp.  Fortunately there’s room to tie off the dinghy inside our finger pier.

We plan to do some grocery shopping and then enjoy dinner at the inn.

Common Loon

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