Posted by: Ann | August 4, 2019

Saturday, August 3rd – Toba Wilderness to Blind Channel


We had to start on time today to get through the string of rapids in our path to Blind Channel. Our 9:30 departure predicted a noon rendezvous with the slack at Yaculta Rapids. We were thrilled to see 2 humpback whales in Raza Passage near Calm Channel. Then we passed another American Tug going the other direction named Lilypond(ATug) who tooted their horn in greeting.

At 11:45 we were happy to see Chris and Dave in their sailboat Chinook waiting for the slack at the mouth of the rapids. We killed time snapping pics of each other, then followed Dave into the Yaculta. This was closely followed by our transit of the Gillard rapids by 12:15. At least 25 elephant seals were on Jimmy Judd island in the middle as usual snorting and bellowing. Fifteen minutes later we passed through the Dent rapids then continued uneventfully until we got to Blind Channel.

The approach here is always scary with the current going rapidly by in one direction but switching to the the other direction as you reach the docks. Jon made it in with little difficulty however. Dave had a tougher location to manage and the current grabbed Chinook hard before we were able to soften her landing on a finger pier.

We kicked off our “reunion” with drinks on the patio followed by dinner in the very nice restaurant. I was happy to fit in two loads of laundry as well, pleasantly surprised by the newer commercial powered washers. Our power outlet didn’t work at the dock, but fortunately we didn’t need it.

Blind Channel is one West Thurlow Island which Wikipedia describes as follows:

West Thurlow Island is an island in British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the Discovery Islands, an archipelago between Vancouver Island and the mainland, whose waters connect the Strait of Georgia with Johnstone Straitand Queen Charlotte Strait.

I’ll add that it’s an area that for cruisers is in between Desolation Sound and the Broughtons.

Chris and Dave in their Dufour Chinook

Elephant Seals on Jimmy Judd Island


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