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August 8th, Prideaux Haven to Atwood Bay

Prideaux Haven
I did some painting of the mountains despite the smoke which shows no sign of abating. Crazy activities in PH include a paddle-board riding dog and kids leaping off tall rocks into the water.
Weighed anchor around 11:30 for a smoggy motoring run up Homfray Channel to Atwood Bay. This bay would not be well protected in heavy weather, but there continues to be no wind to speak of.
Arriving around 2:30, we investigated the entire shoreline before choosing the souther shore. Jon backed Anomaly to within a boat length and still had 60 feet of water to put down the anchor. Then took a stern line ashore in the dinghy. The tide was out so lots of sharp oyster and mussel shells were exposed. I think this is our first stern tie
I wandered the shoreline in the dinghy and accidentally disturbed two oystercatchers that I'd seen fly in earlier. It's not named, but I'll call this Oystercatcher point.
Later on, we had a bit of an adventure with the rising tide. It got so high the log we were stern tied to started floating away. Then when Jon took the dinghy ashore to tie the line higher, he couldn't reach our stern and needed me to motor backwards towards him (which i managed with much difficulty since I find the unmarked transmission mushy and difficult to gauge)

Oystercatcher Point

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Map of Travels

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August 7th, Monday,Lund to Prideaux Haven

There are many things we enjoy about cruising in Canada (rugged coastline, friendly marinas, English cheese and crackers, reasonable government officials…), but the lack of cleats is not one of them. The metal pipes that Lund supplies on the breakwater floats damaged our mooring lines in only one night.
Our neighbors on the breakwater have two cats, and one is quite brave. There is a lot of noise here but even the incoming helicopter didn't scare him. He sits on his leash on the breakwater and chases the seagulls.

We had fresh cinnamon rolls and usable WIFI at Nancys before visiting the fuel dock. The attendant there insisted I throw our lines on the dock because he's tired of being hit in the head by all the cruisers. We sailed a bit outside the Copeland islands heading towards Desolation Sound.

As we feared, the main objective of this trip will not be met, at least not this week. We still cannot see the supposedly beautiful mountains. Our two previous trips they were obscured by rain; this time the smoke makes them almost invisible.

At least we were able to find a spot to anchor in Prideaux Haven, and the water is warm enough for Jon to swim. I might have tried it, but we really don't have any ladder to help me get back on board.

A kayaker came by for a closer look at our boat. She was based in Vancouver so gave us some interesting destinations to aim for. Namely Union Steamship marina on Bowen island. And her home marina, Fisherman's in Vancouver across from Granville island.

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Boat off Orcas Island Ferry Dock

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August 6th Pender Harbour to Lund

Is the only way to describe the choking weather conditions. Worse than any of the pre-clean air control days in Los Angeles!

Jon was up at 6 AM to make our espresso mochas wth the Atomic Coffee machine before we beat the falling tide at around 6:45am. I tried out my selfie stick, but the photo is a bit off kilter. The point was the sun is really red from the smoke which unfortunately has settled onto the normally beautiful sailing areas off Vancouver Island.

Many boats seem to be heading the same direction as us, but we got into Lund by 12:30pm. No wind to speak of; motoring all the way.

We are currently enjoying lunch at Nancy’s bakery which manages to handle wave after wave of customers.

This is a photo from last summer


Nancy’s Bakery, Lund, BC

The “End of the Road” , or Hwy 1 at least.

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Smokey skies

Make for an angry sun.
Red skies in morning; sailor take warning…

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Departing John Henry Marina

In Pender Harbour. I still don’t have the hang of this selfie stick!

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August 5th- Nanaimo to Pender Harbour

We had a strange night swinging at anchor off Newcastle Island. Everyone is so close and it's a bit scary to wake up and find the boat seemingly safely behind you is now close on your port.
We got underway this morning around 9:40. The air quality is so bad it hurts your nose and throat. It is a bit cooler however. It was quite stuffy and hot at the Dinghy Dock last night.
We had a nice run across and up the Straits of Georgia. We even flew the spinnaker for an hour or so with great results; except that Jon's watch flew off and into the deep. The band had been loose but he'd thought he'd repaired it. NOT!
The wind finally died and we motored the rest of the way to John Henry's (Formerly Fisherman's) marina. In apparently a senior moment, we made a reservation for tomorrow night, and when we called to correct our error, they were full for this Canadian holiday weekend. Fortunately they called back when they had a cancelation and said we could come after all. It was a tight fit at the dock next to the cliff and we're a bit worried about leaving low tide tomorrow.
The new Cafe at John Henry has very good food, except that the wild rice was not fully cooked, and the salmon was actually on top of the carrots and not the rice as advertised. Of course, Jon wouldn't eat them.
A pleasant feature of this marina is excellent WIFI, and thus this blog post.
A message that I was being charged $10 for a data overage charge led to our discovery crossing the straits that our Verizon cellular and data plan is just about useless because our iPhones are leaking data at the rate of 800 kbytes/10 minutes despite turning off almost all cellular. We had to change Roaming to Voice only. Jon couldn't believe it and spent some time trying to discover where the data was being used. It was mostly in the System Services area that cannot be turned off. Things like iTunes app support, clock, location, Bluetooth services and other weird things are inexplicably using up data. Even more disturbing was upon checking the bill online, much of this data disappeared when we were sleeping. What is my iPhone doing at 3:30 am??? Inquiring minds want to know, and you can be sure that Tim Cook (apple CEO) is going to hear about this.

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Arrived Nanaimo …

around 4:30. Anchored and eating salmon burgers by 5:30. Air quality is terrible due to fires inland BC

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Incredible shirtsleeves weather

via PhotoToaster, using these settings.

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