Posted by: Ann | May 20, 2023

May 19, Prince Rupert to Foggy Bay

Friday, Overcast

  • 8:10 Cast off from PRRYC
  • 9:30 Finish navigation of the interesting, narrow Venn Passage, enter Chatham Sound
  • 11:45 Pass by Green Island Lighthouse
  • 1 to 1:45. It took a full 45 minutes circling back and forth near the international boarder to maintain cell coverage waiting for US customs to process our entry via the CBP(Customs Boarder Patrol) Roam app. Fortunately, the wind was much lighter than predicted, so it wasn’t too bumpy. We thought later that processing might have been delayed because Jon couldn’t find the place to enter our new customs decal number. In any case, we were miraculously able to accept a cell phone call from a US Customs officer who asked a few questions about the veggies and meats we were carrying, then gave us approval to proceed. Our entry number followed shortly via email.

Note to self: next time passing through Canada, don’t buy full bags, but only 2-3 servings of potatoes and onions. We really didn’t use a bagful of each.

Probably due to his near hour on the phone, Jon’s devices updated to the time change of minus one hour to Alaskan time zone, but mine did not.

4:30. Anchored in Foggy Bay. One other boat, a Nordic Tug 37, named Fortunate, is already here. The sun was unsuccessfully trying to break through the clouds. We investigated the cove in the dinghy, but sadly the bear we saw last year here did not reappear. I only saw Loons, Canada geese, a bald eagle and the odd fish jump.

I cooked stir fry garlic beef with bok choi over rice and spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out how to realistically represent in watercolor the tidal zone between shore and trees


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