Posted by: Ann | May 20, 2023

May 18, Captain Cove to Prince Rupert

Thursday, Sunny

  • 7:50 Weigh Anchor
  • 8:30 rounded Comrie Point off Pitt Island and continued into the Ogden Channel
  • 9:50 Peninsula Point on Porcher Island; the Oona River Inlet has a tiny town perched above a harbor shown on the chart to completely dry out. Nevertheless, several masts are showing behind the breakwater.
  • 11:15 Marcus Passage, approaching Prince Rupert Ore terminal; passed that about 11:55. The estuary here is very muddy and we crossed into then back out of the mud
  • 12:30 passing the Shipping terminal
  • 1:10 Arrival, Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club (PRRYC) manned by the same friendly harbor master. He caught our lines onto one of the more sturdy end ties, and activated our gate code, which I remembered because they keep everyone’s unique code in their system.

It’s always an almost frantic rush of activity when we come into port. This time we started up the laundry in the PRRYC clubhouse, then walked over to Cowpucino coffee shop for lattes and hoped for but not obtained WIFI. I went back to dry the laundry which involves checking it every 10 minutes to keep the more delicate items from becoming potato chips. Meanwhile, Jon labored on cleaning Fifth Element for almost an hour since she was still covered in grey dust from our grimy stay in Port McNeil. Then it was off up the hill to the Safeway for groceries which I kept to a minimum since we can’t take fresh veggies across the boarder and the prices of everything else was so terribly high. Finally got to relax in The Breakers Pub where I indulged in a Cod burger (with side salad!) and Jon had the “Tot” which the menu describes thus:

“A 36 day aged 10oz baseball cut sirloin. Coated in cracked pepper and sea salt. Flat iron grilled to Medium Rare. On roasted garlic, yukon gold mash (sic?) potato with vegetable. Finished with Bordelaise and herb sauteed mushrooms. Due to the cut of this steak, we do not prepare past MR.”

The Breakers pub menu
Fifth Element at PRRYC

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