Posted by: Ann | September 6, 2022


Tuesday, September 6, mostly sunny

Final statistics

  • 2639 nautical miles => 3037 statute miles (imagine driving from Seattle, WA to Orlando, FL at less than 8 mph)
  • 421 engine hours
  • 657 gallons diesel

It’s a shame to end a trip filled with leisurely days working oneself to exhaustion, but this is the way of boat ownership. Putting Fifth Element away now will save a return trip to winterize in late fall.

Rick of Seattle Yachts is an expert and has a crazy sense of humor too: “Way to think inside the box” when joking with a co-worker.

So we spent the last week unloading, washing, cleaning, repairing, and making lists of things to be done “next time”. Jon especially works extremely hard flushing systems and polishing and buffing inside and out.

Hopefully we have enough done to depart for home today for the final phase: Re-entry.

Returning to Napa will be especially difficult due to the Extreme Heatwave gripping California. Yesterday, as we enjoyed low 55-70’s in Anacortes, Napa reported 113 deg F! In addition, we are reading news that many neighborhoods are going without power as transformers blow under the power load for cooling. Our closed up home will feel like a furnace.

So we will take our leave of this gentle climate with it’s calm passages, chortling bald eagles, inquisitive harbor seals, and the occasional grumpy bear.

Until “Next Year”,

Ann and Jon Fitch



  1. thank you for sharing your journeys !

  2. We will welcome your journey back to Napa. Today wasn’t 113 degrees; it was only 92, I believe! After 113, 80 feels bearable. (I will be emailing you for some missing info about the AANV Youtube channel, as we realized that you were/are the administrator, and Janis and Frank want to log on and post.)

    • I meant, 90 feels bearable!

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