Posted by: Ann | September 3, 2022

August 30, Sidney to Anacortes via Roche Harbor

Tuesday, Sunny

Fifth Element in Port of Sidney

10 am cast off. Not a terribly early start with only four hours return trip today, plus unknown US customs at Roche Harbor.

Crossed the Hecate Strait and into the US around 11:30. Jon was on the phone with Goldman Sachs because they lost all the Apple Card payments this month, from more than just us it turned out. Then had a wait for our entry to be processed via the CBP (Customs Boarder Patrol) Roam app, but happily we were cleared for entry without a video call required. We headed for Roche Harbor anyway for “docking and donuts” using the adverse current until 2pm as an excuse.

The formal garden at the Hotel de Haro

It was noon on the dot when we arrived at the dock and were greeted with the bells from the church tolling the hour then launching into a variety of musical selections starting with Hello Dolly. Given the hour, we decided to have lunch at the Limekiln Cafe- Cod Burger for me and Cod and Chips for Jon, chased down with affogatos from the walkway coffee/icecream bar. We took our freshly made vanilla frosted cake donuts to go for later. I dragged Jon through the garden to check whats in bloom, then…

1:40 cast off. In the “Speedin Channel, then the San Juan channel, Jon declared “my screen is full of boats”. We counted 26 in sight; quite a crowd – Welcome to the San Juan Islands!

3pm. Two short blasts off Broken Point from a ferry coming up fast from behind sent us scrambling for the mariner rule book. Couldn’t remember that it means ”I intend to leave you on my starboard side.” We were supposed to give the same in response if we agreed. Jon realized the ferry captain might have been trying to call on 16 but we were still on 78A for Roche Harbor.

In the Rosario Strait as we neared Anacortes Jon rain Fifth Element up to 65% then full throttle for a short time to “burn the carbon off” all the while expounding that there is no evidence to support that doing so has any effect on our electronically controlled common rail Cummins engine. It did demonstrate our ideal speed to fuel burn ratio:

  • At 65% power, 2400 RPM, 11.5 kts through the water, Fifth Element burns 11.5 gallons/hour.
  • At Full throttle, 2950 RPM, 16kts, we burn 20 gallons/hour
  • Compare that to our preferred 1250 RPM, 7.1 kts, we burn 1.6 gallons/hour!

5:50 Arrived at Anacortes Cap Sante Marina, our reserved spot WAY out at C-46, making it quite a workout to walk to Anthonys Cabana and to the boatyard to retrieve the truck.

Clouds over Cap Sante marina, Anacortes

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