Posted by: Ann | September 3, 2022

August 29, Nanaimo to Sidney via Ganges Harbor

HARMAC Pacific Pulp Mill

6:10 am Slipped the mooring as soon as it was light. Dodd Narrows ebbs at 5:58 but Jon said we can safely transit up to an hour later. Just south of Nanaimo, the dawn cast a loverly light on the HARMAC Pacific Pulp Mill that reminded me of the precisionist painting Classic Landscape by Charles Sheeler

7 am I was reminded Dodd Narrows is well named. It looks like you are heading into a wall of trees until you slip through the opening. Although the ebb should have been with us, as soon as we were through, we still had an adverse current in the Stuart Channel. We passed the time reviewing all our stops on this trip- so far totalling 2600 nautical miles.

11am Arrived Kanaka wharf, Ganges Harbor, Salt Spring Island. We were lucky to get a spot at this popular destination. The harbormaster happened to be at the dock and remided us the first two hours are free. We went up to Jon’s favorite cafe TJ Beans for his cinnamon rolls which he had ordered by phone earlier. He had a latte, but my mocha was awful; I watered the petunias with it.

TJ Beans makes great cinnamon rolls, good lattes but lousy mochas

I was able to get one of watercolorist Carol Evans books from the Coast Gallery. She’s famous for her renditions of water, but I still don’t understand how she does her trees. I feel my own tree filled backgrounds are a mess, although some look better after I put them aside for awhile

Although I’ve visited before, I didn’t think the gallery looked familiar. I was right. The one I visited before is Gallery 8, just beyond Coast Gallery, closer to the water on the east side of the outdoor mall. It’s the one with a full wall of Carol’s work, including an original on display today. $11,500 anyone? My question on whether she is still actively painting was answered in the affirmative.

We picked up some provisions from the nice grocery and had a chat with a new red AMTUG 34 owner (Mark and Linda Daniels(?), tug name ??? formerly Adagio) before casting off at 12:45

3pm ORCA SIGHTING OFF SIDNEY SPIT! We heard the call on the radio first; then it’s just a matter of looking for all the orange whale watching boats. They were calling other boats to remind them of killer whale protocols, but it sure looked like they ganged up and headed the orcas right past us. Jon got a great video; I’m pretty sure I saw 3 adults and a very cute baby.

3:25 arrived Port of Sidney. Luckily had called ahead for a spot. Walked up to the Starbucks, but it was closed contrary to hand-written sign on the door.

Had a delicious dinner at the Surly Mermaid with our friends Chris and Dave Schroeder who live within walking distance. It must have been an hour before our food was served, but we didn’t notice as we were busy catching up on our summer activities. It was lovely to see them again!

Port of Sidney with Surly Mermaid above and left of the tent and our dock B to the right.

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