Posted by: Ann | August 25, 2022

August 24, Skull Cove to Sullivan Bay

Sullivan Bay is completely floating on the water

Weds, Foggy Overcast to afternoon sun, 57 deg.

8:15 Weigh anchor. Jon saw the loon catch and swallow a whole fish. AIS showing the other boat, Salty Dog, is going to Port McNeil. We are heading to Sullivan Bay via Queen Charlotte Strait.

We have a bit of cell coverage and Jon is “getting his ducks in a row”. Scheduled the boat haul out earlier than planned due to lack of availability around the Labor day holiday, then had to make sure we’d have moorage beforehand at Cap Sante marina and afterward at our winter boatyard.

12:00 Entering Wells Passage which finally cleared to sunny around 1pm

1:45 Docked at Sullivan Bay. The staff met us at the dock and must have said “welcome!” at least 5 times. Everyone seems to be in a good mood due to the sunny weather.

This completely float based hamlet is one of our most expensive stops. We were hoping to get some provisions, but the stocks were much lower than we remembered. That might have been because their season is coming to an end. Other than milk ($10 for two quarts), we came up empty. We did order the offered fresh pastries for breakfast tomorrow. Unable to attend the Greek night dinner as it was sold out.

Paid $10 for the new StarLink internet which turned out not to work very well. Jon claimed customers have been raving about StarLink so maybe something was wrong with our setup.

Enjoyed getting our exercise in by walking the colorfully named docks like Halibut Row, or Shad Street.

The 5pm happy hour, that custom characteristic of the Broughtons, was not well attended. We sat alone for 20 minutes. Finally two other couples arrived and we had a pleasant time chatting with them before they had to leave for the dinner. It didn’t bother me to miss the dinner since it’s very expensive and Jon doesn’t care for Greek food, but it felt odd to be left out. Steak BBQ and potatoes onboard.

Whimsy is part of the charm of Sullivan Bay


  1. We have StarLink on n both the boat and motorhome. Works extremely well and can be a lifesaver when cellular is not available. I use wifi calling in remote areas quite frequently. Great internet connection no matter where you are. I think the problems you were seeing were probably router or wifi related. Just go order it now.

    • Thanks- not sure why it didn’t work very well; maybe their setup was more windoze friendly.

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