Posted by: Ann | June 6, 2022

June 3-5, 2022, Ketchikan

Ketchikan Springtime seems to be the kind of place where if you don’t like the weather, just wait awhile. We had sun alternating with clouds and just a few serious showers.

We managed to get a month term moorage for Fifth Element. The Harbor master called at 7 AM our first morning just as he said he would. We almost missed the call due to the new Sleep Focus mode on the iPhone. Jon and I are convinced that the various types of Focus modes invented by Apple to silence your phone has not been flow-charted properly by the engineers. It is not at all clear which ones take precedence.

We spent the rest of our time cleaning, packing up, and walking around town. The cruise ships came and went, the Carnival Splendor being somewhat annoying with almost a sub-sonic engine running the whole time it was in port.

We checked out some of our favorite spots, including

  • US Park Service Exploration Center which was closed for a private party during our last visit
  • Lunch of blackened salmon at the Alaska Fish house was so yummy we went back for the Silver salmon fish & chips on our last night.
  • A visit to Creek Street and SOHO COHO gallery for me to add to my Ray Troll art T-shirt collection. This time I got the 2022 design, Alaska, Keep it Chill, and Tide pool to the Stars with a John Steinbeck quote.
  • Up and down some of the interesting wooden stair cases for views of the harbor filled with giant cruise ships.
  • Walking through NewTown, the completely artificial facade of “Alaska” built by the cruise ships for their passengers. We came upon a historical mural showing the power plant turned cedar mill with its smokey kiln dryer that Newtown had replaced, and Jon said maybe Newtown was an improvement after-all.
  • The departure horn from the Disney Wonder is the first few bars of As I Wish Upon a Star. It was odd to see young adults and children walking around in mouse ears.
  • Walks along the creek and salmon ladder where the salmon will run later this year. We were told the funicular running up to Cape Fox Lodge has been broken for 3 years.
  • Visiting with Roxy, an adorable friendly Schnoodle who lives at the Cedar Chest gift shop
  • Watching tourist try their had at axe throwing. Only a few got it to stick in the wooden barrel targets behind the Alaska LumberJack Show.

Of course we visited several coffee houses

  • 55 North- took forEVER
  • Polar Treats- one of the few places currently serving ice cream cones
  • Alaska Coffee- has Ray Troll art on all their packaging. I liked this mocha best, and I think Jon would have liked the espresso here, but he felt cheated when they charged more than the signboard listed.
  • Local Grounds- mocha was overly sweet and coconut caramel house-made whipped cream not a good as it sounds. Might be worth returning for the chicken teriyaki rice bowl
  • Sweet Mermaids- closed the first few times we tried, and the 3rd time we’d already stopped at Local Grounds


  1. Hi Ann and Jon,
    So great to read about your adventures. Your trip to Port McNeill brought back lots of happy memories for us. Glad to hear things have worked out for you re Glacier Bay and a month’s moorage for your boat. Looking forward to reading part 2 when you head back up north.

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