Posted by: Ann | June 5, 2022

May 31st, Tuesday, Klewnuggit Inlet to Prince Rupert

Fifth element in slip M32 at Port Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club

Misty Overcast, then clearning

We got up early enough to weigh anchor by 6:40, but Northstar, Poppet, and another s/v were about an hour ahead of us. We were still glad to have stopped here on a sunny day because the mountains were obscured by fog today.

Back out in the last of the Grenville Channel, Jon spotted our third bear near the Baker Inlet and the Pa-aat river

Jon planned to call and reserve two nights at Cow Bay, Prince Rupert, but we had no cell coverage. We really started to worry when we heard Northstar call to the 2 sailboats that they had secured a reservation for the 3 boats, but that only one night was open.

The problem is that the Waggoner flotilla is right behind us and causing us to alter our schedule. The flotilla consists of a guide who is leading 11 boats to Ketchikan and optionally on to Juneau. That size group completely overwhelms the same places we need to stop at. Jon knew about them because we were told they might take up all the space at Butedale on our chosen date. Fortunately, we were ahead of schedule, but they were hot on our heels or stern as it were.

Cow bay turned out to be completely full, so the only other option aside from anchoring 3 miles and a rough channel crossing away is the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club (PRRYC). The guide book makes it sound old and rickety, so it wasn’t our first choice. Jon called as soon as we had cell service, but the call dropped. After several attempts, they were able to call us back with a slip assignment.

11 am we noticed the water was even more tan, then greenish tan as we traversed the Arthur Passage and the river delta there. By 1:22 we passed by huge cranes busily loading cargo ships. According to Wikipedia, The Port of Prince Rupert is the third busiest seaport in Canada by container volume and cargo tonnage after the Port of Montreal and Port of Vancouver

At 2:10, we announced our arrival to PRRYC but had trouble finding the slip because the map of the marina in the guide book seems wrong. Plus the young female dockhand radioed that we would be next to a “blue and white boat” which aptly described every boat in the marina. At one point, the harbour master joined her and yelled in annoyance that we would have an easier approach if we had listened to the dockhand, but he calmed down when he saw Jon’s skill with the thrusters.

We apologized profusely for our confusion and proceeded to have a delightful visit. I was VERY impressed with PRRYC. It’s true that the finger piers might be older, but they are sturdy metal grates that eventually butt into a cement pier. The little clubhouse is a gem and seems very new. They have a lounge, 4 washrooms including 2 showers, and modern commercial sized laundry machines. Recycling and garbage are in the parking lot. It was kind of eye-opening to see how the Wagooner’s Guide can slant things.

I would have liked to stay for our planned two nights, but we thought it best to beat the Waggoner flotilla to Foggy Bay. First we grabbed expresso drinks at Cowpucino, but Jon was completely frustrated by their network refusing to connect both his macBook and his iPhone. I got busy doing laundry- now winner of “closest to the boat’. We spent the rest our visit grabbing dinner at Breakers Pub* and shopping the Safeway a short walk away.

Jon also spent time entering our passport and vaccination info into CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Roam app since clearance is required to overnight in our next destination, Foggy Bay.

*Jon had the “Tot” which was a nice medium rare 10 oz sirloin and I had the sirloin salad which was great although I should have asked for the toasted sesame dressing on the side as it had a lot of vinegar

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