Posted by: Ann | June 5, 2022

June 2nd, Thursday, Foggy Bay to Ketchikan


Sunny, showers in Ketchikan

I got up early hoping to see river otters, but no luck and the 2 other boats were gone. The water was like a mirror before the breeze came up. We explored again in the dinghy hoping to see the squirting clams at low tide, but it wasn’t as impressive as our last visit. We did see a black-tailed deer on the NE shore, and Jon saw 2 sandhill cranes fly by- I only heard them from below decks.

9:20 we weigh anchor and the tide was so low we took videos at the narrowest spot.

As we travelled up the Revillagigedo Channel to Ketchikan we saw two porpoises and two humpback whales. By 12:25 we were passing the Hog Rock Light, but we didn’t have cell coverage until 1:15 which seemed a lot later than our trip in 2019. We started to hear the lead boats from the Waggoner flotilla calling into the harbor master; apparently they had skipped Foggy Bay which meant they started as early as 4am today.

We were assigned stall 7 on float 6 which a name plate indicated is occupied in winter by Deborah Johnson in Klakkas. The captain of gill-netter Eclipse came out to help us in and told us she was gone to her remote AK home for the summer. We had a nice chat with him before heading up to the office.

We didn’t know what to expect, but the harbor master came out from behind the plexiglass COVID barrier to speak to Jon face to face. He was very friendly and said at our size we should have no trouble getting a spot for a month. W can’t stay in the “hot-berthed” slips because they prefer to keep them available for short-term stays and sometimes the owners do return. He checks the first-come first served docks everyday at 6am and asked if calling at 7am would be ok.

We went back along the dock to Safeway for Starbucks and lunch supplies. We have a week before we need to fly back to Seattle and return to Napa.

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