Posted by: Ann | May 25, 2022

Part 2, Port McNeill to Skull Cove

Fifth Element anchored in Skull Cove

Once underway again around 9:30, we slipped under a fog bank as we cruised across Queen Charlotte Sound to Skull Cove. There were a lot of random ugly logs and chunks of wood; we try to have one of us watching at all times in case we have to dodge one of these hazards.

Waypoints included

  • 12:55 Mary rock to port. We start to emerge from the fog bank which looks like a low blanket on the water.
  • 1:45 the 60 ft Fleming we docked behind at Lagoon Cove, Pamela Sue, tooted their horn from the fog bank then passed us going 10 kts. We cruise about 7 kts to conserve fuel.
  • 2:15 Southgate Group to starboard. Potential anchorage, Allison Harbour looks empty. The waterways to the east, accessed through narrow Cougar inlet looks like a potential spot to explore on a future trip. It includes 14 kt Nakwakto Rapids.
  • 3:15 Anchored in Skull Cove

Pamela Sue is already anchored here. Our first night anchoring we are having difficulty anchoring due to tangles in the anchor chain. The anchor locker design on this boat is another element that could be given more thought as Jon explains next post.

This cove has a lot of interesting nooks and crannies so we investigate in the dinghy. It is surprisingly deeper in spots than the chart seems to indicate, but we are currently 4 ft above low tide. Always be aware of the tides!

The trees are stunted with many snags; it looks to be a harsh environment. The cove seems deserted of all life. We startled two pairs of concealed Canadian geese who rush off honking. I also think I see a Merganser pair but they are very elusive.

I make chocolate chip cookies and Spaghetti with lemon butter and proscuito for dinner. It was a challenge to mix the thick cookie dough by hand in my smallish bowl. I finally settled on using the potato masher.

The fog closes in and there is a sad little loon, I think, giving out a wail every few minutes. I can’t quite ID him as the call doesn’t match my apps describing Common or Pacific loon.


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