Posted by: Ann | May 25, 2022

May 22, Sunday, Rounding Cape Caution, Skull Cove to Fury Cove

Partly Sunny, evening rain

This leg of the journey always commands respect; Cape Caution is well named since it requires passage further out into the open waters of Queen Charlotte Sound. Fortunately, the mild weather is holding.

We raised anchor at 7:50 and continue north. Lots of little heads pop up as we cross the bay inside Mayor Island. We count at least 6 sea otters rolling and chomping on their breakfast.

  • 9:45 seaway conditions are good: One foot wind waves, 8-9 kts S-SE wind, NW 2’ swell with a long period of 9-10s. I am able to read without getting seasick which shows how calm it is.
  • S/v Island explorer calls to Aventura up ahead about sighting a whale but we never see it.
  • 10:35 we pass Egg Island light, the marker for Cape Caution, but I am disappointed by the lack of interesting tower.
  • 1:05 we anchor in Fury Cove. There is one other boat here, stern tied to the SW shore.

I am exited to make a positive ID of two red-throated loons. The pin-stripped nape is obvious, but the red patch is difficult to see in this flat light. The clincher is the territorial call which matches the little loon I saw last night.

The weather closes in and the fog bank in my painting earlier turns into rain showers. Jon has to BBQ our frozen coho fillet in the rain.

View from Fury Cove onto Fitz Hugh Sound, watercolor, 9”x12”

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