Posted by: Ann | June 10, 2021

June 9, Eagle Island to Olympia

Olympia- Washington state Legislative seat and capital

Weds, sun,rain,sun

Decided to land the dinghy in an attempt to pay, but no payment method visible at the Eagle Island info signage.

Had some difficulty departing due to tangling of the mooring line overnight.

12:30 departure; 3:20 arrival Olympia.

We go as far south as we can go in Puget Sound.


Two large community docks

Great views of Washington state capital dome

Attractive and well-stocked Thriftway grocery, includes Dancing Goats espresso bar

Expansive walking paths along Budd inlet and Capital Lake

Numerous restaurants and shops

Row restaurant outstanding


Percival Landing docks rundown and sprouting weeds

Some lots abandoned or run down

Area attracts homeless

No security for public docks

Most coffee shops closed by 3, Washingtonians don’t seem to enjoy coffee in the late afternoon.

Recycling bins nowhere near Plaza Landing dock

Capital tours on hold due to pandemic or we could have seem the largest Tiffany chandelier

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