Posted by: Ann | June 10, 2021

June 8th, Gig Harbor to Eagle Island

Eagle Island

Tuesday- mostly sunny, PM rain

We discover Milleview Pizza while waiting for the tide.

Gig Harbor continues to disappoint as almost everything is closed on Weds in early June. General Store coffee really terrible.

Walked out to the Sound View overlook and forest.

Many Commercial buildings look nicer than most of the shop fronts here which appear a bit shabby

Decided to try Milleview Pizza which turned out to be excellent. The prosciutto and arugula personal pizza was a great combo. Jon got a 2nd pizza because the chef forgot Jon’s add-on item the first time around. Tried to tell him that was ok, but it was too late.

Departed Gig Harbor 1pm, arrived Eagle Island mooring 2:45. Sun and heat drove me indoors to complete my painting; an hour later it was raining. Annoying weather!

Beach completely disappears at high tide. Lots of egg-yoke jellies and harbor seals

Currents very strong here causing much spinning around the mooring ball.

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