Posted by: Ann | June 10, 2021

June 7th, Blake Island to Gig Harbor

Hard rain last night, AM Partly sunny

We had a beautiful hike around and across Blake Island.

Must read more about the Trimbles who had an estate here that seemed to come to a sad end as she died in 1929 after which Jack Trimble moved away but survived until 1945. I suspect the pink Foxglove are escapees from Cannie Trimble’s garden.

Very impressed by the clean functional flush toilets on the opposite side of the island in the West Campground.

Lunch at dock before 12:30 departure and 2:30 arrival in Gig Harbor.

As suspected, completely over-hyped in the Waggoner guidebook, our view somewhat tarnished by everything being closed on a Tuesday and our walking the wrong direction toward the harbor head instead of the historic district.

Discovered there are two Gig Harbors- harbor head with Anthony’s, and historic which is just above the City-run Jurisich Park Dock.


Well-maintained dock and grounds with modern bath and all electric fixtures, including check-in kiosk

Short walk to historic district

Long walking path along waterfront including lovely Sound View overlook and tiny “forest”

Milleville Pizza outstanding, don’t miss.


Nothing open Mon-Weds in early June

Dock fees start on Memorial Day, but trolly doesn’t run until June 13

Shops look a bit shabby

General Store poorly stocked and terrible coffee

“Town” is distributed over a large area

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