Posted by: Ann | October 9, 2019

10-5-19, Saturday- Victoria to Sidney

We enjoy another “Pig Roast”

Morning rain, afternoon clearing

Our aim was an early start to catch the tide today. The steamship Starbucks opened 15 minutes late, but we were underway by 7:45. An interesting sight was the Douglas Monroe US Coast Guard Cutter docked in the outer harbour.

We heard on the VHF that Off the Grid was in trouble again. We noticed in the Grenville Channel that their AIS transmits an incorrect length and Victoria Harbour Traffic Control called them on it. All boats 30 meters or longer are required to participate in the Victoria Traffic system. Off the Grid is transmitting 37 meters; their captain had to assure them that they were actually about 27 meters or 88.5 feet. More calls to Off the Grid came from concerned captains of tugs and tankers to make sure he saw them. He moves very fast and said he planned to be down to the Columbia river by this evening.

We did catch a favorable tide and at times saw over 9kts speed. We arrived at Port of Sidney marina around 11am. We had lunch on the boat then went down to use the WIFI at Starbucks, although the marina WIFI does seem to be improved.

The main reason we are here is to attend a party at the home of our Sidney friends Chris and Dave. We had a wonderful evening with them and two other couples enjoying a delicious feast with foods reminiscent of the Echo Bay Pig Roast. We talked late into the night trading cruising stories and highlights of our respective journeys.

Downtown Sidney from the water

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