Posted by: Ann | October 7, 2019

10-4-19 Friday- Victoria

Intermittent rain showers

The forecast today was exactly the same as yesterday, but it was definitely cooler and rainier today. Today might have been a better day for the museum, but we had to worry about moving Fifth Element into a better position to leave at 7:30 tomorrow. We thought we might have to move to the wharf docks to the north.

We had to wait until the harbour authority opened and got organized, but eventually we were allowed to move to the end of D dock. It was actually one of the winter season reserved spots, but the occupants were out for a few days.

By then the WIF had completely wedged and it was time for lunch anyway, so we went back to Murchies. Can’t get enough of those black current scones. I actually bought a mix that they sell, but I doubt I’ll be able to make them as fluffy as the originals.

After lunch I ran out of energy in the gloomy weather and napped for awhile. I rallied for a late ice cream at Flavoris. Along the way we were assailed by ear splitting police motorcycle sirens as they momentarily blocked all the intersections to facilitate a cycling event- something to do with cancer fundraising.

I tried to identify historic buildings for Wikipedia commons, but there are so many it was hard to tell which needed photos. I gave up and we walked along Wharf street then down to the waterfront to check out the current state of the wharf docks. Just south of the docks, we discovered the food truck Red Fish, Blue Fish and noted that there were a lot of people eating there.

It was still too early for dinner, so we went for a long walk around the Empress Hotel and onto the main drag, Douglass Street, which is a good place to find transit and drugstores. We made our way back to Red Fish, Blue Fish and were not disappointed. The grilled salmon on the very good buns was one of the nicest and biggest pieces we’ve had in Canada and they were only $12.50. Even the coleslaw was good, and the young man taking our order was very friendly.

We walked back to the boat and I still didn’t have 10,000 steps, so I did a loop around the causeway to take pictures of the parliament building which is nicely lit at night. I was delighted to see a fluffy Siamese cat sitting on the bow of SMAUG when I returned.

Banana trees in the Empress Hotel gardens

Red Fish Blue Fish- the best seafood deal in Victoria

First Mate on s/v Smaug

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