Posted by: Ann | October 5, 2019

10-2-19, Weds.- Poets Cove to Victoria, Vancouver Island

Partly cloudy

This morning I looked out to see if there was another deer imitating a mountain goat, but the steep cliffs behind the Poet’s Cove marina were empty. The harbour seals were taking full advantage of the floating breakwater as we left at 9am.

Our route to Victoria included:

• Boundary Pass across Swanson Channel, SW (I can see America from here!)

• Provost Passage

• Sidney Channel

• Haro Strait behind Discovery Island

• Baynes Cannel

• Major Channel

• Juan de Fuca Strait into Victoria Harbour

We saw the huge cruise ship Norwegian Bliss on the outer Victoria Harbour around 1pm. We quickly checked her schedule and were happy to learn she was leaving at 2pm southbound on a repositioning cruise for the remainder of the season. Her stops will take her to San Francisco and Los Angeles before taking up the winter schedule.

There was plenty of room on the Causeway docks in front of the Empress Hotel, but looks were deceiving. The harbour authority is now on the winter schedule and only one side each of C and D floats is first-come, first served. Several more boats are expected on Friday for the weekend, but they managed to fit us onto the head of D dock. Jon worried that we would need to be able to get out and leave early in two days, and they said they did the best they could to accommodate everyone.

We spent the early afternoon at two favorite spots- Murchies (the fluffiest black current scones in the world, yum!) and Starbucks for real mochas. We’d run out of our mocha chocolate over a month ago and have been using unsweetened Fry’s- just not the same. Jon was able to scarf down a Flavoris ice cream cone as well.

It began getting chilly and rainy so we spent a quiet afternoon reading on the boat. It seems overly quiet with no troubadours or buskers putting on shows along the causeway.

Deer or Mountain Goat

Harbour Seals at Poet’s Cove

Fifth Element on D dock next to the wooden s/v SMAUG

Jon eating the mini Flavoris fondue dipped cone

My favorite chemical symbol

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