Posted by: Ann | October 5, 2019

10-1-19, Tuesday- Montague Harbour to Poet’s Cove, South Pender Island

via Pender Canal


After of breakfast of TJ Bean’s cinnamon rolls, we enjoyed a walk through the campground and around the Gray Peninsula. It’s one of the few trails extensive enough to let you enjoy local birds and the smell of the cedar forest. In addition to the gulls and cormorants, I spotted robin, thrush, flicker, junco, chickadee spotted towhee, great blue heron and a sparrow unknown to me. There were also more than 50 surf scoters in the harbour.

We dropped the mooring ball at 11am and headed for Pender Canal. This route is new to us; Anomaly and her tall mast cannot make it under the bridge connecting North and South Pender Islands. We traveled past Active pass along the Navy Channel then through Plumper Sound.

We turned west at Razor point towards Port Browning, turning south to enter the canal. The Pender Canal is quite narrow and makes for an exciting careful transit.

Shortly after exiting the south end of Pender canal, we arrived at Poet’s Cove just after 1pm. It’s quite a posh resort and spa and a wedding was starting at 2pm. They had part of the courtyard roped off for a reception, but otherwise we almost had the place to ourselves. We tried the pub for coffee and snacks and asked the waitress about hiking trails. She directed us to a lookout and the Enchanted Forest.

We walked up the steep drive out of the resort but couldn’t find the trail the the lookout. We did find the Enchanted Forest. We went along the trail marked waterfall and lookout, but the waterfall was dry and the lookout blocked by trees. I was glad to see another green forest trail, but I probably wouldn’t go there again since to find the entrance you had to walk along the highway in an area of rockslides that had no margin.

We enjoyed our dinner in the pub in front of the fireplace. My tempura battered calamari tacos were very good as well.

The Bridge connecting North and South Pender Islands

Looking down the cliff at Poet’s Cove marina

Poet’s Cove Resort & Spa

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