Posted by: Ann | September 28, 2019

9-26-19, Thursday- Shoal Bay to Gorge Harbour

Clearing, afternoon sun and wind

It rained so hard yesterday that I didn’t venture beyond the swim platform. Jon had walked up and checked with the Shoal Bay Bar owner Mike and confirmed that things were shut down for the season. It looks like it could be a nice stop in better weather.

This morning I walked the length of the boardwalk to get some pictures and it was as slick as an ice sheet. As we departed at 8, we marveled that a trash fire burning when we arrived was still going strong.

Continuing southeast on the Cordero Channel, we had two more rapids to transit today- the Dent and the Yaculta. The s/v Fairfax left Shoal Bay much earlier than us but was too early for the Devil’s Hole in the Dent rapids. It was mostly calm as we arrived near slack tide.

We waved to the proud elephant seals as we passed by Jimmy Judd Island and then cruised on through the Yaculta. We caught up to the Fairfax at 10am north of Bassett Point as we motored south in the Calm Channel. An hour later we were in the Sutil Channel and cruised through whale passage, but no whales today.

It was getting really windy as we rounded the west side of Cortes Island and headed into the narrow Uganda passage. The winds were sustaining 20kts but we made it through safely and only had to bounce around a short while before we were into the relative calm of Gorge Harbour.

I admired a bald eagle soaring Heather Islet near the entrance- it looked like he was purposely pivoting his wings so that he would rise up backwards and then soar down diagonally forward, making an oval in the air.

We were moored at Gorge Harbour marina by 12:45.

The long sandy spit making Uganda Pass a narrow passage

The manicured grounds of Gorge Harbour


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