Posted by: Ann | September 10, 2019

9-9-19, Monday, Ketchikan to Foggy Bay


We had an early call back from Linda at Raymarine service. As Jon expected, they offered no assistance- we are to send our broken Radar dome back, with no replacement options. How useless and unhelpful given there are no shipping options from SE Alaska.

We departed Thomas basin at 7:45; the Tongass Narrows were almost quiet with no cruise ships in town.

We spotted a humpback whale near the confluence of the Tongass Narrows and Nichols Channel. A whale watching boat, the Sea Otter Express, was aggressively pursuing it, which I reported via the Walewatch app.

We continued SE along the Revillagigedo Channel. Our journey was thankfully uneventful and we anchored in beautifully sunny Foggy Bay at 1:30.

We explored the shallows in the southeast side of the bay by dinghy. I was disappointed that the river otters I last saw here did not reappear.

Fifth Element anchored in the same spot in Foggy Bay

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