Posted by: Ann | August 10, 2019

Thursday, August 8th, Lagoon Cove to Simoom Sound

Overcast > sunny

The fog makes me stay in bed; we finally got up for coffee around 8:15. It’s not every day I can watch splashing dolphins as I do my AM stretch routine.

We had to land the dinghy on some very barnacled rocks to visit the Falls. The short trail was soft with cedar needles underfoot and lined with moss and ferns along the way. The Falls were a very long gentle cascade.

Then we took the dinghy over to the end of the bay where the dolphins were still splashing. The few boats anchored here get a full show every AM and PM. Jon killed the engine, and as we drifted the dolphins rushed by and under our boat. Magical!

All that was left was to pay the bill and shove off for our trip to Simoom Sound. The sound is a narrow dog-legged body of water lined with smooth rocks. It’s so smooth, our first two attempts to anchor in McIntosh Bay simply dragged with no mud at all. We were finally successful the 3rd attempt at the end in O’Brian bay just after 2:30.

I read my eBook, a historical fictional set in 1905 about Beatrix Potter by Susan Whitig Albert. Around 6pm I smelled propane. Not sure Jon believed me, but he soon discovered the crimp on our propane line had failed. It was practically brand new being one of the items Jon installed this April.

So, no stove or oven until we can get to Port McNeil which we decided we needed to visit anyway due to low food supply and overflowing recycling and garbage. Hopefully the marine supply there will have a replacement. In the meantime we were able to cook some edamame and defrost some pork chops in the microwave for the BBQ.

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