Posted by: Ann | August 10, 2019

Friday, August 9th, Simoom Sound to Echo Bay

Overcast all day

Jon had some success cooking our Grands cinnamon rolls in the BBQ; we just had to cut off the burnt bottoms. We’re also out of milk so only had half our usual morning mocha. After the one other boat left O’Brien bay, Jon flew his drone to get the picture on the previous post. So far this has been my favorite anchorage of the trip.

We crossed over to Echo Bay from 1 to 2:30. Despite only having reservations for tomorrow, we were guided to a nice spot on finger pier 3. Chris and Dave Schroeder were already here with Chis’s lifelong friend Maureen and her husband Roy who was out fishing. Roy really reminds me of my great uncle Fred in both speech and mannerisms which is no surprise since they lived in Saskatchewan before retiring to Victoria.

We checked into the office and found there seem to be a lot of “rules” here. I hope I don’t violate any of them. I wandered around the store a bit dazed on what to buy for the get together since I have to stove or oven to cook with. Jon couldn’t wait to eat an ice cream bar. I was able to get some nice cheddar and crackers for the impromptu happy hour this evening.

It was confusing which party to attend, and I should have gone to fetch Chris and Maureen when we found the right one. It was a nice group of people who seemed mostly on their way back from Alaska. They weren’t particularly encouraging about going there. We heard more of the same comments: “It’s an awful long way”, “It’s a lot of travel”, “There’s nothing you can see there that you can’t see in the Broughtons or in [your favorite place here]”. I noticed however that all their best wildlife stories seemed to be from Alaska.

The only other boat in Simoom Sound

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