Posted by: Ann | October 20, 2018

Thursday, October 18th- Pender Harbour to Nanaimo


The Dinghy Dock


Fifth Element from Dinghy Dock with Newcastle Island in background


Another beautiful day; we have been so lucky with the weather this trip!  Temperature at Sechelt was 53 deg. F at 10:45

Both of us have noticed a high pitched whine from the engine today.  Jon could not find anything amiss.

By 1:30 Vancouver Island homes, N. Nanaimo in sight.  Arrived Port of Nanaimo at 2:30 and allowed 3 free hours on G dock.  We spent the next couple of hours shopping.  

We visited the fascinating Harbour Chandlery which has all kinds of boating and fishing supplies.  Jon had to exchange some LED lights that had failed and he also looked into possibilities for a stern tie reel.  

A quick stop at Starbucks took us past the homeless encampments which seems heavily supported by the Nanaimo health services department.  The debate:  does this help alleviate or aggravate the homeless issue.

Finally, we stopped by Flying Fish Kitchen supply but still could not find an acceptable coffee scoop for Jon.  We did pass a promising looking cafe- Le Cafe Francais- that I’d like to visit in the future.

A quick garbage run- free here- and then we were off to anchor off Newcastle Island.  We noticed that some lucky boat was tied up at right at the Dinghy Dock, but there wasn’t a spot for us.  

We anchored nearby and took the dinghy over.  The waitress did a double-take and said it was deja vu because she recognized us and we ordered the exact same thing- grilled wild sockeye salmon burger.  This time we also had the dessert with the suggestive name, Sex in a Dinghy. One of the regulars/owners came over to inform us that no condoms are provided since the Dinghy Dock is on Protection Island!


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