Posted by: Ann | October 19, 2018

Weds., October 17th- Princess Louisa to Pender Harbour


View out the stern of Fifth Element


The huge scale of Princess Louisa- there’s a boat going around the corner

We take bit of a risk…

We enjoyed walking around the falls again this morning, this time at low tide.  We had to leave Princess Louisa inlet fairly late due to the slack time at Malibu Rapids.  Our ETA for the Back Eddy marina was to be 6pm.

We really didn’t want to stay there again.  It had been $43 for a dock in poor condition and a closed pub; Gorge Harbor had been $34 and was in immaculate condition. 

Jon studied all the possible alternatives.  Green Bay further along in the Agamemnon channel was said to have uncharted rocks, so not wise for newbies arriving in low light.  Saltery Bay sounded promising, but it would put us back the wrong direction out the Jervis inlet, forcing us to miss the beautiful Agamemnon.  And we didn’t know what the availability at the public dock would be, with the fall-back anchorage also unfamiliar to us.

We finally decided to continue on down the Agamemnon to Pender Harbor with an ETA of 7:30 pm.  

It turned out to be a little more scary than we expected.  By the time we anchored, it was closer to 8pm and very dark.  It was difficult even with our knowledge of Garden bay and our instruments telling us we anchored almost in the exact same spot as we did previously.  The lights of homes reflecting off the water and our pilothouse windows made for very difficult visibility.  We were fortunate that it was very calm and the sunset lingered long enough to see the entrance of Pender Harbour.


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