Posted by: Ann | October 19, 2018

Tuesday, October 16th- Back Eddy to Princess Louisa



Chatterbox Falls


View from the Prince of Wales reach


I have to add here that the Back Eddy docks seemed in bad shape.  It’s not unusual for a marina to let the gulls take over the outer docks resulting in quite a mess for anyone who docks there, but the ramp connecting docks to office here was listing off to one side.  And worst of all, there was a horrendous banging sound as if Fifth Element was hitting the dock every time a boat passed us. I wasn’t sure if that was the case or if it was just the dock itself that was making that noise, but it wasn’t a good experience.

We left just after 9 to make the Malibu rapids at slack.  I was happy to see several surf scooters and some sea lions as we crossed over to the Prince of Wales reach.  The subsequent Princess Royal and Queens reach were both beautiful today.  

We passed through Malibu rapids at 1:20 and made bets on whether we would see another boat or not at Chatterbox falls.  Upon our arrival at 2:15, we found only one other boat at the dock, a Pacific Seacraft sailboat from Vancouver named Cassiopeia.

I spent a lot of time taking in the falls which are still beautiful even with the reduced fall water flow. It was wonderfulLy quiet until a motorboat roared in with several youths making a racket on the bow. I thought we were in for an unpleasant eventing when one of them popped out and plopped a boom box down on the dock table, but fortunately they spent most of their time inland, and several left later that evening.


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