Posted by: Ann | October 19, 2018

Musings on Princess Louisa


Reflections make the scene seem even more majestic


The Magic of Princess Louisa Inlet

I was trying to think of why this place is so special.  After all, why do we ogle falling water like Chatterbox Falls?  But I think it is the sum total of things that makes this inlet beloved.  

First, it takes some effort to get here. It’s only accessible by boat, and you have to cruise three long reaches of about 10 miles each to get to the entrance.  The whole way there you are surrounded by towering mountains.

Then there is the mysterious Malibu rapids entrance.  You have to time it just right to pass through safely.  You wonder who discovered this was even here. 


Wait for slack at Malibu Rapids

There’s the beautiful lodge repurposed as a youth group venue perched right on the edge of the rapids.  It’s almost as if they want a front row seat to watch for any difficulty you may encounter.

Then, finally another 6 or 7 miles in, you reach the end.  You are surrounded on all sides by steep fjord-like cliffs and the waterfall starts way above you.  All you see up close is the final cascade.  There are gulls and ducks and seals floating by.

You understand why this place was immortalized in The Curve of Time and saved for posterity by it’s caretaker, John Fitzgerald MacDonald.




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