Posted by: Ann | October 10, 2018

Wednesday, October 10th – Enjoying Gorge Harbor

It’s another beautiful day and we had some chores to do, so we stayed put. Actually, I spent almost an hour rowing the dinghy around trying to photograph some Harlequin ducks. Then we went to the store and bought eggs and their great sourdough bread (from Campbell River) and a WIFI code for me so I was able to get some payments made for future art exhibits.

I went back to the store and found some nice ham for lunch. After lunch I worked on my painting of the resort (I’d started the drawing last year) while Jon took on the task of reorganizing all the stored items based on priority of need. I had to ask him if he was actually enjoying himself!

It got really warm in the pilothouse today even though it’s only in the 60’s. We were forced to enjoy another ice cream, and later I had to escape the heat down below after painting in the pilothouse for 3 hours.

It’s nice to have the improved WIFI here at the resort. It’s much faster and stronger than it used to be and we are enjoying the winter rates.

Another beautiful day in Gorge Harbor

Harlequin Duck

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