Posted by: Ann | August 27, 2017

August 26th – Sidney to Anacortes

The Last Leg of the Journey- passing by Orcas to make the full circle

Nice scenery, but no sea mammals except seals on the way home (probably due to all the weekend boat traffic)

The seal needs to dry off after moving to another nearby dock when we arrived.

It was bright and sunny from the get-go this morning. We skipped Starbucks to use up the milk we have onboard. I dropped off the gate key at the Port Sidney office(if I hadn't they would charge us $25), and we departed at 8:45.
It's not far to the international border and we were back in the US and on Verizon by 10am. The winds were light and we also had a current against us, so only motoring today. Jon stuck close to the Roche Harbour side of San Juan Island to avoid the current as much as possible.
We passed Orcas Island around 11:30 and by 2:30 we were back in Anacortes. There was just a bit of confusion getting into our slip since the harbour seals decided it was a good place to hang out. We also had to back out and rig for the port side since our neighbor did switch sides as we discussed when we departed a month ago.
It took another hour or so to contact customs and get fully cleared back into the US. It would have been sooner, but Jon's phone didn't work; he couldn't make any calls. Fortunately, mine was working fine, so we used it to call customs. They finally called back, Jon was asked to go to the office with our passports and papers, and then the agent came down to check out me and make a quick inspection of Anomaly. This was all as expected, but a far cry from Canada where we just called from a phone at the dock reserved for customs.
Jon later fixed his phone by turning Voice Roaming off and back on again which seemed to clear the odd mode it was in from switching from Canadian Telus or Bell to our regular Verizon carrier.


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