Posted by: Ann | August 26, 2017

Montague Harbour, Part 2

The Hummingbird Pub "Experience"

Rested up a bit before taking the dinghy in to pay; didn't have correct change but happened upon the park attendant. Lovely walk-in campground on the bluff. Walked to the park exit to wait for the heralded Hummingbird Pub bus ride, but it was not the music filled adventure as advertised.
We didn't even get on the bus at first because it had filled at the marina stop. The driver did come back to get us ASAP, but it still took him half an hour. And there was no playing of instruments- just blasting of a taped version of the WHO singing Magic Bus.
I was relieved that the pub was able to handle so many guests, and the food was fairly good- the best part being the house-made pies- but I would not opt to make that trip again, music or no. We got a small taste of the experience on the return trip when the children on the bus grabbed various tambourines and rhythm instruments as they got on, but the regular driver had been replaced by the mechanic and he apparently was not musically inclined.
I enjoyed watching the sun set on the marine park. Jon said we needed to get out the bagpipes to counteract the generators surrounding us. The best I could manage was the ocarina app on my iPhone.


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