Posted by: Ann | August 26, 2017

August 25th – Montague Harbour to Sidney


Anomaly is in the upper right hand corner

We spent a lazy morning in sunny Montague Harbour. The checkout time here doesn’t appear to be before 5pm when they collect for the evening.
I discovered that the little dingy with a dolphin sign was actually an Orca sign indicating the Orca Wireless pay-for-wifi station. Curious, I discovered I could get a free trial. I don’t know when it ended, but it worked long enough to do a blog post. I would definitely recommend their paid service since it was one of the better WIFI services we used.
We went for a very nice hike around Grey point. The trail wound along the edge of the cliff in dense rainforest, and came out on the other side where we discovered the best beaches in the park. We returned for lunch aboard and then slipped away from the mooring ball around 12:45.
The breeze seems a bit cooler now, but it was right on the nose so we motored past Ganges and the east side of Salt Spring Island. Never made it to that town, but it looked very busy today.
By 3:45 we were checked in to slip E23 and Port Sidney. There was actually someone to help us into our slip, and the same woman was in the office who has been there every time we’ve visited these last 3 years. We continued up into the little town to enjoy our favorite stops: Starbucks, Island Blue copy and art supplies, and the Suisse Bistro, a tiny Swiss restaurant that serves the best classic schnitzel and spaetzle in the Pacific Northwest. We made our reservation from the Starbucks across the street, and it’s a good thing we did because it was packed at dinner time with people sitting at tables outside also. Absolutely excellent; even the red cabbage was edible.


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