Posted by: Ann | August 26, 2017

August 24th- Vancouver to Montague Harbour, Part 1

Looking back at False Creek, Vancouver, BC

Today we had a total role reversal as Jon enjoyed a bounding 3 hours of sailing on disturbed seas from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, while I was reminded of why I do not plan to help him bring Anomaly from Puget Sound to San Francisco. The constant pounding and jostling reminds me of a "cat & mouse" style roller coaster. Fun for about 15 minutes; beyond that, I fail to see the appeal.
I was feeling a bit ill and finally had to go lie down at the 3 hour point, but a little while later the wind began dropping and Jon had to start the motor. He got to sail a bit more near Vancouver Island, but around 1pm as we reached Action Pass it really started to shift around, and with a 2 kt current against us, he decided to drop the sails.
The pass is much wider than most we've timed our passage through. I guess the issue is meeting a ferry in the pass, but other than the need to make almost a 90 degree turn half way through, it doesn't seem that big a deal. Jon said he thought two ferries could even pass each other in there.
Montague Harbour Marine Park was nearby and we picked up a mooring ball by 2:30.

The Ferry makes Action Pass look a lot smaller!


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