Posted by: Ann | August 25, 2017

August 22nd, Part 2 – The Granville Island Public Market…

was everything I'd hoped it would be. Absolutely crammed full of all types of foods and wares to fulfill a gourmands wildest dreams. The meat, seafoods, cheeses and breads were very impressive. Not even our bounty of Napa Valley can hold a candle to this (except for the wines- very few of our great vintages are available in this government controlled country.)
I could have wandered through sampling and tasting for hours, but Jon found the crush of the crowd exhausting. It WAS very humid and hot in some areas of the market, but I was having too much fun to notice.
We started by hoping for a sit-down lunch at Edible Canada Bistro, but I didn't like the picey menu and we left when the beer Jon wanted was out of stock. We ended up at Vancouver Fish Company with slightly more reasonable prices. Jon's meal was ok; my maple walnut prawn appy was GREAT!
After lunch I have to give Jon credit for letting me wander all over the place. Some of our favorites were Lee's Donuts, the 4-year old cheddar and 18 month Machego at Benton Brothers Cheese, Tenderland Meats for great hot salames, Petit Ami for Jon's latte, followed by Granville Island Tea company for Ice tea to cool Jon off. And that was just within the Public Market building. There are entire centers of artisans and shops in the Net Loft, Railroad Districk and Marina services area.
My favorite was the Terra Breads Bakery. If you can only visit one stall in the Public Market, go there. The sourdough baguettes, hard crusted rolls, and the chocolate truffle salted cookie were outstanding.
We returned to the boat to finish off steaks & potatoes from my own shopping back at the Anacortes Safeway.


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