Posted by: Ann | August 25, 2017

August 22nd- Bowen Island to Fisherman’s at False Creek, Part

FYI- Jon made reservations for Union Steamship and Fisherman's as soon as we knew our dates. One large motor yacht was turned away from Steamship when we arrived.
The ferry into Bowen Island starts hourly at 5:30 am and creates quite a disturbance in the marina. We were up early for "Benny's" at Snug Cafe. Departed 11am for a 12:45 arrival into a very tight spot at Fisherman's of False Creek. Jon did a great job of squeezing us in and holding us off between two big oily piers while I jumped off with two lines in my hands.
There are large logs floating in the bay between Bowen Island and False Creek, and we tangled with a crab pot while still motoring out amongst the numerous anchored tankers. We heard a clunk and Jon quickly stopped the prop and we watched a large yellow milk-jug float away. Several minutes ater, Jon wisely thought to test reverse and there was a horrendous banging and clanking. Jon was able to clear it and we watched 3 oval and one baton style float drift away behind us. So I guess we've contributed to the debris not he floor of the Harbour since that trap will never be retrieved again.


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