Posted by: Ann | August 22, 2017

August 21st – Nanaimo to Bowen Island

I was reluctant to leave the peaceful Newcastle Island anchorage. Weighed anchor at 9:22 and motored by an unusual catamaran Barracuda X with mast foil rig.
Entertained encounter by viewing the 80-90% solar eclipse with a cardboard pinhole. Light seemed only as dim as dawn; eclipse was only noticeable in feeling cooler. Sun really intense afterward.
Only 2kts apparent wind; motored past Entrance Island around 10am. 1 brief glimpse of dolphin, otherwise disappointing wildlife.
Arrived at the very nice Union Steamship Company Marina hot and thirsty. After a hearty welcome by Mike we went immediately to Doc Morgan's to cool off where I finally got to try Peach cider. So yummy I bought a box at the Bowen Beer and Wine cellar in our later exploration of the marina shops. Wish we had skipped the long climb up the hill to "Artisan Square". It was mostly deserted and not very interesting except for the Cocoa West chocolate shop.
Returned to the boat for the unique experience of excellent WIFI AT THE DOCK, airy nautically themed washrooms and 10minute showers for only 1 loony. Salmon burgers at Doc Morgans good, but not up to Dinghy Dock standards.


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