Posted by: Ann | August 21, 2017

August 19th- Lund to Lasqueti Island

We spot a pod of Orcas
I was up at 7 for the 8am (per Jon) Nancy’s bakery opening, which turns out to be 7am in the summer. We had our final cinnamon rolls and mochas and finally tore ourselves away from the WIFI access. But not before grabbing a Nanaimo bar and a raspeberry rhubarb scone to go.
We were back to Anomaly to depart by 10:15. It was bumpy all night and winds were still brisk- Jon had the sails up 15 minutes after we left the dock.
Sailing along at 6-7- sometimes even 10 kts, it still took until 11:47 to clear Mystery Reef and buoy #Q25. The reef sticks out alarmingly blocky rocks over it’s entire length. After clearing it we could head for the Strait of Georgia on the west side of Texada Island.
The BC Ferry Salish Orca steamed by at 16kts, then oddly coincidental, we sighted a pod of at least 5 real Orcas. It’s was almost as if they had jumped off the graphics of the ferry and into the water. We got a great view of them repeatedly surfacing with their tall dorsal fins and spouting out breaths before charging onward. They headed toward our boat and disappeared, only to resurface on the other side, so they must have passed right under us. They continued on toward the Northwest end of Texada Island.

We managed to arrive in False bay off Lasqueti Island near 4:30 sailing most of the way. We immediately took the dinghy over to the hotel/restaurant and Provisions store. Sadly, there was no sign of the lively Saturday market or any Tie-dyed t-shirts that the crew at Blind Channel told us about. We knew we were probably too late. The Provisions looked like a great place for breakfast with unique pastries and espresso, but they open at 11:30 on Sundays so we’ll miss that.
We then tried the restaurant for a drink and I talked Jon into the Irish Nachos. We discovered that this meant Nacho’s on house-made potato chips. It was delicious, but it took forever to get the order. Apparently, the 2-3 other parties on the patio formed enough of a crowd to totally overwhelm the kitchen as they complained they were “slammed”.
It’s wonderfully quiet in this anchorage since the small self-described hippie population generates it’s own power. We even saw two river otters near our boat. The glaring light of the motor yacht Escape was a real eyesore in the anchorage, however. Nor did the natives on the hotel deck fail to notice that the owner came into the dock with 5 women in his dinghy.





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