Posted by: Ann | August 21, 2017

August 18th- Tenedos Bay to Lund

Broken dock at the lake

Broken dock at the lake

I spent an hour trying to ID the birds who appeared on the island this morning. See list below.
The overcast humid skies felt like rain, but it continued dry as we hiked the Tenedos lake trail. The freshwater lake just beyond the head of the bay is pretty, but ruined by a large log jam. It’s very difficult to get to the shore to enjoy it. We did ID the rock that Sojourner went aground on to days ago, and we agree that the chart does have it marked in the wrong spot.
Today we start heading back to more urban areas. After our hike, Jon got the stern tie released and the anchor up in only 24 minutes. We were heading to Lund by 11:30. Sadly, our last close-up view of Desolation Sound was obscured by clouds.
Lund Harbour was a goat rodeo. Due to a first-come first-served policy, the Harbour master was inundated wth calls for dockage all at once. Only rafting was available for land access; we were able to get the 2nd closest breakwater #2 this time. The Harbour master had offered a stern in, dock access spot, but we didn’t quite understand she really meant Mediterranean moor when she asked if we could step off our stern.
We spent part of the afternoon at Nancy’s bakery catching up on cinnamon rolls and internet; I spent the rest of the day working on and uploading my painting to the international CWA show. Fortunately, the Boardwalk restaurant had good internet access and surprisingly good salmon fish and chips. We also purchased the lemon mousse and blackberry dessert since we fell a bit guilty hogging a table for computing. It turned out to be one of their summer specialties and a delicious choice. We also enjoyed a lovely sunset.
Robin- 2
Northern. Flicker – 2
Chestnut backed chickadee- s
Spotted Towhee – x
Belted Kingfishers – 2
Great Blue Heron

The Phoenix of Orcas Island Diptych- because I only have 7x10 paper

The Phoenix of Orcas Island Diptych- because I only have 7×10 paper

Sunset over Lund

Sunset over Lund


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