Posted by: Ann | August 19, 2017

August 15th- Heriot Bay to Gorge Harbour

Warm, partly cloudy AM
We enjoyed our stay at Heriot Bay Inn marina except for the barn swallows who liked to poop on Anomaly.
We spent a cozy time in Java Hut next to Tru Value Foods catching up computer tasks. Like most WIFI on the islands, it has it's problems with long satellite delays and the propensity to keep logging you off.
Departed at 11:40. Sailing in light winds, we had 4 different whale sightings in Sutil passage between Quadra and Cortex Islands.
I spent cooked chocolate panna cotta in the galley while Jon traversed Uganda passage. It looked a lot different with more water. By 2:30 we were at the dock of Gorge Harbour on a beautiful sunny day.
After visiting the store, we spent a lovely afternoon visiting with our friends Chris and Dave from Sidney aboard their sailboat and later at the restaurant. The New England chowder and 1/2 rack of spring lamb with golden beets and string beans was excellent.


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