Posted by: Ann | August 15, 2017

August 14th- Waiatt Bay to Heriot Bay

Early morning, middle passage Waiatt Bay

Early morning, middle passage Waiatt Bay

Today we saw a Humpback whale!
It continues sunny but cool in the mornings which is fine with us.
It seemed boats were leaving early to traverse the dreaded Surge Narrows. We explored the head of the bay in Anomaly before departing as scheduled around 9am. At the middle exit I saw over a dozen small brownish-black duck-like birds with 2 white marks on the head and white wing-tips. The only ID that comes close is juvenile white-winged scooters. There were also 5 seals that must have been waiting for a rock to dry-out because two had both their heads and all their flippers up out of the water.

We traversed the Surge Narrows between Stuart Island and Peck Island continuing on via the Beasley Passage. As usual, captain Jon timed our passage through the narrows so well that you wouldn’t even know that this section of water can run up to 10 kts. I teased Jon that he should wait longer or begin a bit earlier to make it more exiting.

We turned to starboard and entered the Hoskin Channel. Jon had cell service so was able to call a reserve a spot at the reportedly busy Heriot Bay Inn marina. That allowed us to take our time, so we put up the sail and drifted along for awhile. A passing boat came by for a close-up look and later told us they couldn’t believe we were moving so well without the engine on! I haven’t been mentioning in this blog the constant stream of questions and comments Jon receives on Anomaly, but rest assured they continue.

The wind finally died, but just after we gave in to motoring, we killed the engine again for thar be a whale! Jon noticed the two tell-tale boats motionless in the water as we entered the Sutil Channel. We tried to follow the humpback whale, but he quickly outran us in the light winds. We gave up and continued into the marina where the dockhand put us on the outside finger next to the Cortes Island ferry.

We are finding Heriot Bay to be quite a hub of activity with many coming and going and good food in the restaurant and pub. We are also thankful to find a good grocery and coffee shop with good WIFI within walking distance.


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