Posted by: Ann | August 15, 2017

August 13- Owen Bay to Waiatt Bay and Octopus Islands Marine Park

34th Wedding Anniversary.
We only had to motor an hour to travel the narrow entrance to the Octopus Islands and anchor in Waiatt Bay. The rain cleared out but we continued to be buffeted by strong wind gusts.
Fortunately it was calm enough to motor the dinghy over the the Octopus Islands. I rowed most of the way along the shoreline there. The wildlife was a bit disappointing, but we did see a smaller mammal that was probably a weasel/mink. Total sightings are below.
We drank our last bottle of wine and I baked instant chocolate chip cookies to follow our BBQ steaks to celebrate our anniversary.
X crows
X gulls
1 raven
1 mink/weasel/water rat?
1 Gr Blue Heron
2 Belted Kingfishers
3 Pigeon Guillemot (white wing patches, and red feet seen on takeoff)
3 Oystercatchers
1 seal
1 turkey vulture
Heard only: squirrel, loon, pileated woodpecker, bald eagle
Golden Retriever on Grand Banks Timeless
Odd Trimaran Riki Tiki Tavi from Sacramento


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